External Blinds

A variety of External Roller Blind Systems are available. Specifically designed for building facades and vast glazed areas, these roller sunscreens are very elegant but also wind resistant. Because external blinds prevent direct sunlight from reaching the glass, they are very effective in reducing heat and glare. Due to the superior sun protection they offer – coupled to their modern look – they are popular in domestic applications too. Installed externally, solar protection systems offer optimum performance in terms of thermal comfort.

They are designed to ensure ever greater protection from heat and sunlight for buildings and their occupants. They constitute a genuine heat shield, which contributes to preserving a constant internal ambient temperature, whilst considerably enhancing its quality of life and internal atmosphere. They therefore enable you to reduce energy and operating costs. They boast textiles specifically designed to offer dimensional stability and unmatched resistance to the weather, UV radiation and tearing.


  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Extensive range of fabrics in terms of Solar Protection and Colour
  • Motorised with wind sensor to protect against strong wind
  • Uses sturdy guide cables, side channels or the unique ShyZip side channel guide system
  • Available with or without cover boxes
  • Can be transparent to varying degrees, opaque or block-out
  • Very sturdy and well engineered design transforms blind into becoming a part of the building
  • Reduces energy consumption


Specifically designed to ensure ever greater protection from heat and sunlight.