Motorised Curtain Rails

Curtains are a timeless and stylish window covering that will complement any home. Large windows and glazed areas are more popular than ever. For these and difficult to reach windows, motorised curtain rails are the perfect solution. By automating your curtains, you are adding another element – beautiful and controlled movement. Automation also protects your curtains from damage and dirt caused by manually handling them.

  • Range of models available depending on the size of the window and the weight of the curtains
  • Can be controlled by wall switch, remote control or home automation system
  • Widest range of the most efficient and reliable systems purpose designed for homes, conference rooms, hotels, stages and auditoriums
  • Manual override in some models – curtains can be operated by hand during power failures
  • Touch motion in some models – a gentle pull on the fabric will activate the blind to start moving automatically
  • Can be curved to almost any contour
  • Completely silent operation with soft start and stop
  • Can open curtains from the left or right sides or from the centre
  • Available in ‘wave’ curtain heading system or normal pleated options

Manual & Cord Drawn Curtain Rails

Large variety of high quality super smooth, reliable and almost soundless rails available. They cover all curtain weight requirements from sheer to stage curtaining. Cord drawn rails are elegant, versatile and super reliable. Offers the same curtain protection benefits as motorised tracks.