From functional to fashionable – this is the way roller blinds have developed over the years. Initially appreciated for their excellent shading qualities, now their unobtrusiveness and easy operation has made them a favourite with interior designers and home owners.

Their simple clean lines are the perfect complement to modern architecture. Not only do they offer sun protection and privacy, they add to the ambience of the room.


There is a blind to suit every window

  • Significantly reduces glare whilst conserving the natural light supply
  • Can be either manually or electrically operated Manual blinds can be operated by spring assisted chain, unassisted chain or spring only
  • Electrically operated blinds can be controlled by wall switch, remote control or home automation
  • Available in a vast variety of fabrics to suit any need and taste
  • Visually very appealing due to simple unobtrusive mechanisms
  • Can be transparent to varying degrees,  opaque or block-out
  • Particularly suited when glare and heat is an issue but you don’t want to shut out the views
  • Enables full control of the sun and at the same time offers any required degree of privacy
  • Superbly reliable and technically superior
  • From 460 mm up to 5 metres wide in a sigle blind with a drop of up to 12 metres

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